Starting Strength, Workout 13

October 10, 2011
Evening workout again
  • warmup:   5 minutes rowing machine
  • Full squat:  several warmup sets, 3×5 205lbs
  • Bench Press:  several warmup sets, 3×5 – 115 lbs
  • Deadlift:  several warmups sets, 1×5 – 255 lbs
Was able to hit all my weights again.  I had to use the power rack for most sets of squats and felt a little uneasy there, so I might have been going too shallow.  Last set was good, but I could feel a hitch on the way up so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll continue with linear gains (but at least I hit 1x BW before the hitch).  Deadlift felt very heavy, but I switched to alternating grip and that helped quite a lot!

One comment

  1. I hope all is well Mike. I see your getting into the free weight style of training Mike? How are you enjoying it?

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